APTPI 4° Italian Congress 2006

On nov 19 20 21 the APTPI organized the fourth annual Conference of the association in Arezzo, Tuscany.
During this fully crowded event the APTPI organized many different initiatives, like the formative /informative congress for operators ( Piercers and Tattoo artists);the second part of the show called “ the body as vehicle of communication “, with the participation of artists not strictly connected to the tattoo world, and organized with the goal of giving different communicative prospective, alternative and compensative of artistic relations build in our industry; the presentation of the video on the sterilization procedures, done in collaboration of the APTPI board and hospital technicians; the photo gallery of the annual Italian Suscon ( organized by the association in Amelia, Umbria ) and the presentation of the DVD recently realized at the event organized on September 2006; the expo at the Conference was also a good chance to keep on knowing vendors of professional sterilization supplies, jewelry and much more.
During the formative congress we discussed many different topics, like sterilization done with different techniques, correct use of electro medical devices ( and their own checks and proper maintenance), contaminated waste etc.. In different classes ( with divided rooms for Piercers and Tattoo artists ) there were anthropology classes and amazing technical classes : free hand technique and sterile technique done by Pat Tidwell and Dave Gilstrapp – USA ), and Secrets of the Tattoo Machines organized by the Godoy Bros of the DHD Manufacturing (USA).
Both classes ended like a big success and were greatly appreciated from the public, even for the following round tables organized to compare the topics. It was a chance to compare prospective and technique on the Modern Body Piercing and Tattooing. The American and European realities are very different, under many aspects, and this was a great occasion to share and spread very important information to heighten the quality level of all the operators.
Looking forward to other incoming events open to a more international public, this year just experimentally, we used professional translators for all the congress classes ( English to Italian, Italian to English ).
The event then concluded with the traditional debate of the APTPI board members and the participants. We shown all the goals we reached these past year and the next projects.. Basically we had to know what are the needs and the interests of the operators, so to optimize the effort and the resources the APTPI is giving to the industry. We strongly believe that quality and preparation are our future, and this is the main reason on what we are focusing our work and projects.
Using something the APP smartly said as a slogan we would also like to say one day “i got a real work too”.
We bring this chance to thank the APP for all the help and imputs we had and still have now, being sure that our efforts have been appreciated since the real beginning of our associational project.
We wish to be able to collaborate with the APP for future common projects to increase the professionality of all the operators of our industry.

APTPI staff


2006 APTPI Congress presentation and a moment of the debate between the board members and the partecipants


Amelia 2006 seminar on Suspension and Pulling rituals " pictures exibition


How to mannage " Special waste " in the Tattoo e piercing studio

Painintg exibition of " The Body as a way of expression "


class on " steril and free hands techniques " by Dave Gillstrap and Pat Tidwell U.S.A.

Class on the " maintenance and tuning of the tattoo machine " by the DHD manufactoring of Godoy's brothers U.S.A.


Antropological class on the " ancient tattoo " by dott.ssa Pangerc antropologist of the Trieste University


Antropological class on the Modern Body Piercing by prof. Palmisano Antropologist of the Triste University


Sterilization techniques and medical devices maintenance


Suppliers area




Registration area APTPI Congress 2006

APTPI dinner


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