II meeting with Piemonte Regional Health Department

On date march 19 2007 took place in Torino a meeting between the Piemonte regional Health Department and the industry associations to discuss the preview of the law concerning Body Piercing, Tattoing and related practices.
Alike previous occasions, a.P.T.P.i has been contacted to express its opinion and to give tips on this specific topic. The association has been appreciated by the institutions for the whole documents and procedurals provided during these years. These will be exanimate and used for the next Regional law that will regulate operators activities and procedures.
Particularly the attention of the a.P.T.P.i on the consent form (related by the association itself), has been appreciated by the departments chief.
Also, has been given big importance to the fact that a.P.T.P.i since its own real beginning decided to have a self imposition of hygienic standards and working parameters, with the goal to preserve the public health and to give to the general public a respectable image of Piercers/Tattoists work.
At the meeting a.P.T.P.i were represented by Giuseppe De Palo and Andrea Alberghini.

a.P.T.P.i staff

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